Karl WhitleyKarl Whitley
Highly Recommended
Very highly recommended! Rachel was very patient and thorough and helped me overcome my nerves and I couldn’t have passed without her help! Tip, don’t forget your bananas! 👍🏻

Sarah PettingerSarah Pettinger
Fantastic Experience
My experience of learning to drive with Rachel has been fantastic. She is brilliant and enjoyable to have lessons with. I really enjoyed having fun with new things like the Sat Nav. I started learning with Rachel in November 2017 and she notice that I was nervous and panic over little things. After a few lessons from Rachel, my nerves had settled and when Rachel booked for my first test I didn't want to know and Rachel kept it a secret. On my test Rachel sat in the back and when I finished and I had been told that I'd failed Rachel helped me again with my nerves. We did small things like put the radio on low and used different breathing techniques to calm down. On my fourth test I finally passed and I was really happy I couldn't stop laughing and smiling and she was happy that I can drive all by myself now. I would recommend to anyone she is the BEST! Using the LDC workbook helped me know what I needed to work on especially when driving my own car.

Esther WilcockEsther Wilcock
I would recommend to anyone
Very good instructor! Was extremely helpful, teaching me how to drive safely, and making sure I wasn’t picking up any bad habits. Helped me to pass my test with only 5 faults!! I found the LD System very good and very useful, especially for the theory test. Will be recommending to anybody who asks!

Lee PierrepontLee Pierrepont
Extended Test
Awesome instructor. I came to Rachel a couple of months ago and asked her to work out a plan to get me back upto standard for an extended driving test following a driving ban some years ago. Rachel opted to schedule in some long and intense sessions rather than doing an hour a week. This proved to work wonderfully for me and I'm proud to say that I passed my extended test today which wouldn't have been possible without taking into consideration everything Rachel taught me over the last few months. She is a wonderful person and has a huge scope of knowledge in what she teaches. I would recommend Rachel as an instructor to anyone and it was my pleasure to be her student.

Charlie StaniforthCharlie Staniforth
Passed 1st Time
Amazing Instructor! After having another instructor and not enjoying driving at all I changed to Rachel and it was the best decision ever. I started enjoying lessons, Rachel built my confidence and made me feel comfortable in everything I did. Never let me give up which resulted in me passing 1st time today at Pontefract. Brilliant teacher and amazing at what she does. Thank you so much Rachel I’m going to miss my Wednesday afternoons.

Mel BowskillMel Bowskill
I have gained more confidence and knowledge with Rachel
Rachel really showed me how to improve my own confidence and manage my nerves. Rachel has so much patience with any type of driver. I came to her a very nervous driver and she has taught me lots of strategies to help me handle my nerves when driving. Using the LDC student hub and workbook has helped tremendously. I have been with other driving schools and they don't offer this service or resources. It really helped me to track my progress.

Imogen ButcherImogen Butcher
It has been fun and I've learnt a lot.
I passed first time with only one fault. I would recommend Rachel at LDC because she is patient and helps you to learn from your mistakes so you don't make them again. Lessons were always fun. I really enjoyed learning all the manoeuvres and learning to drive safely on the country roads. Using the LDC student hub and workbook made learning easier as I could read all about what I would be doing before the next lesson started. I would rate my driving lesson experience 5 stars.

Molly AlstonMolly Alston
Easy to learn driving
I passed first time and would say that Rachel made the lessons seem easy. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. The LDC student hub and workbook helped as they were always to hand for reference. I would recommend Rachel and LDC because the lessons are enjoyable, relaxed and you have easy access to resources which help with your driving.

Ellie HopkinsonEllie Hopkinson
Passed 1st Time
I really enjoyed my lessons and felt really comfortable with Rachel, my instructor. She allowed me to practise until I was happy that I'd got things right. I found the LDC system really helpful. Rachel is a fantastic instructor who will let you decide how may times you want to go over things. Definitely 5 stars!

Tom MallonTom Mallon
Passed 1st Time
I would rate my learning experience with Rachel at LDC as 5 star. All of my lessons were fun, enjoyable and very informative. Following the LD system was a great help and having the book and hub to help me prepare for each lesson was really handy. Rachel is an amazing teacher who is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone. I passed 1st time.

Jamie OldfieldJamie Oldfield
Passed 1st Time
Many thanks to Rachel for teaching me to drive and getting me through my driving test the first time with only four faults. Her calm, methodical approach to each lesson provided me with the confidence and the knowledge to carry out many of the otherwise difficult and stressful manoeuvres. The LD system is very effective and allows you to plan and prepare ahead of each lesson. Rachel is a calm, knowledgeable instructor who instills you with confidence. She does not patronise you if errors are made or if you take a while to learn a skill. I would strongly recommend learning with Rachel as either a complete novice or if you have had lessons in the past and need to get back up to speed. It was a pleasure to be taught by Rachel. Thank you.

Olly BrownOlly Brown
Passed 1st time with only one minor.
I would give Rachel 5 stars. She is a really professional instructor. I will be recommending her as I passed first time.

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